English language courses

Our online English language classes with a teacher are following the Common European Framework. The courses cover all levels from A1 (beginners) to C1 (advanced) and are distributed in modules where one module is 100 teaching hours (40min). Each module covers one level. 


We have carefully selected for you the learning system New Headway, that is designed for students between the ages of 17 to 60+. This thrilling, attractive, interesting, comprehensible and modern system turns learning English into an adventure full of fun. The textbooks cover the full Common European Framework - CEFR range: 

  • Beginner / A1

  • Elementary / A2

  • Pre-Intermediate / B1

  • Intermediate / B1+

  • Upper Intermediate/ B2

  • Advanced / C1

The textbook is build upon a methodology that combines solid grammar skills with practice. The authentic materials, gathered from different sources, gives you the opportunity to discover a new language through context. In the textbook you can find different exercises on listening, grammar in use and additional exercises. They will help you improve your speaking skills in real time. 


The groups consist of 5 to 6 people which guarantees that the teacher will be able to work with each student. You can learn or improve your English language skills from the comfort of your dining room, office or cafe and you only need a computer and an internet connection. 

We offer a free test where you can see your language level here and the opportunity to discuss it with us where we can learn about your needs and offer you the most suitable course. Of course, this is not mandatory and you can choose one of the courses straight away.