The virtual classroom that we use for our lessons has a wide variety of functionalities that turn studying into an enjoyable and fun experience. It creates an intuitive environment suitable for children as well as people with just basic computer skills. All you need is a web browser with no installation of any additional software. 

The technical requirements are as follows:

- Operational system - minimum Windows 7, Linux (Ubuntu 13.04), Mac OS X (10.9), Android 5.0 and iOS for mobile devices

- Internet connection speed - minimum 384 kbps for upload and 640 kbps for download (the minimum speed guaranteed by the providers in Bulgaria is 25 mbps (25000 kbps) for download and 15 mbps (15000 kbps) for upload)

- Web browser - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. 

- Screen resolution - minimum 1366 x 768 or 854х480 for mobile devices. In case of a lower resolution you can experience difficulties.

- Microphone and headphones/speakers - we recommend the use of headphones as an echo can be created by the speakers. 

- Camera - external or the default on your device.

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